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The visibility of Blue Light Emergency Phones, Stanchions, Call Stations, Call Boxes, Wide Area Mass Notification, Broadcast Speakers and Cameras create security and deter unsafe activities.
Emergency communication is vital for establishing safe environments.
Rath Security Emergency Phone locations 5 ft Pedestals Interior Call Boxes 36 in E-Stop Call Station Exterior Call Boxes 9 ft Muster Point Towers 9 ft Wired Towers 9 ft Towers Call Stations

Rath Security is the largest emergency phone manufacturer in North America and we are proud to offer a broad selection of emergency communication tools such as Blue Light Phones, Mass Notification, Cameras and accessories. We offer configuration options for both power and technology which allow installation almost anywhere. Our enclosures can be customized to blend in aesthetically into their environment or stand out for easy identification.

Keep your students, visitors, employees, residents or passengers safe with quality and dependable technology. With over 35 years of communication expertise, you can be assured of our unsurpassed customer service and support.