Interior/Exterior Speaker Phone
2100-986 Series

2100-986 Yellow Interior/Exterior Call Box
The RATH® emergency call box is an excellent fit when you want to provide emergency communications in parking structures, building exteriors, mounted on poles or interior locations.

This interior/exterior hands-free speaker phone is easily noticed and can go almost anywhere. The phone acts as a crime deterrent, creates a sense of safety and serves as an emergency communication system.
Standard Construction Features
  • Power options: PoE+, 120vac or 12vdc
  • Calls up to 5 numbers
  • Remote or on-site programmable
  • Location mesage
  • Call assurance LED
  • NEMA4 watertight enclosure
  • Yellow fiberglass construction
  • Exterior rated
  • ADA compliant
  • Dimensions 11 5/8”H x 9 3/8”W x 6 1/4"D
  • Two year warranty
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Optional Features
Communication Options
  • VoIP
  • Wi-Fi VoIP
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