Decibel Blast Audio Siren

Tower with Siren
Click to hear the Audio Siren Audio Siren
Note: The file is embeded to give an example of tone and only plays as loud as your speakers are set for

Audio Siren Features
  • Audio Siren is rated at 91dB
    • 60 dB is equal to normal human conversation
    • 75 dB is equal to Loud Singing
    • 90 dB at 45 feet is equal to a Jackhammer
  • Installed and set at factory
  • Extremely loud will attract attention in the area
  • Mounts to the back of the tower
  • Timer setting for length of active siren
Example of Audio Siren Usage
  • Scare bears away in a parking lot in Colorado
  • Startle children in a park setting to prevent them from pushing the button and cause parents to pay attention
  • Scare off perpetrators by adding sound with strobe and phone