When would a Cellular solution be appropriate? It is a good solution when running cabling for landline or VoIP is cost prohibitive. The Cellular option is most commonly used with an emergency phone which is using solar power. This allows the emergency phone to be located in remote locations.

  • The RATH® Cellular emergency phone is available in the two most common cellular technologies used in North America, GSM and CDMA. GSM is found worldwide as well.

  • GSM carriers: AT&T and T-Mobile and typically have a SIM card

  • CDMA carriers: Sprint and Verizon

    • Key Features:
    • Works with most cellular providers (not Nextel)
    • End user contracts directly with a cellular provider
    • Installed and programmed at the factory
    • Remote programming with GSM carrier

    SmartPhone 6 Speaker Phone Technology:
    • Location message
    • Weatherproof speaker and microphone
    • 5 number calling capability (up to 31 digits in each number)
    • Adjustable speaker and microphone levels
    • Remote or on-site programmable
    • 2-way hands-free communication
    • Operating temperature of between - 40° F to +150° (-40° C to +65° C)
    • Non-volatile EEPROM programming, maintained during power outage
    • Programmable password
    • Two output relays
    • Optional two button speakerphone: 1 for emergency and 1 for information