Comstock Township, MI

Robert Morris Park 9 foot Emergency Tower
Robert Morris Park 9' Emergency Tower
Comstock Township, Michigan is home to the lush and picturesque Robert Morris Park. The park was originally named Campbell Lake Park because it borders the serene shores of Campbell Lake. Visitors enjoy 40 acres of swimming, fishing, grilling, volleyball courts, and a championship disc golf course.

A recent grant from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund allowed the Township to renovate the popular park. ADA compliant restrooms, sidewalks, and a concession stand were added to better serve all patrons.

In addition to the cosmetic and functional updates, the Parks and Recreation Department thought it was important to update the park’s safety. The park is set back from the main access road. Also, without a lifeguard on duty, swimming in the lake is “at your own risk”, as the park rules state. To address those two significant safety issues, the department decided to add a 9’ Emergency Phone Tower to the grounds to provide a clear, immediate, and direct line to help in an emergency.

Parks and Recreation Director, Ms. Vanessa Hardy, indicated that the phone has not been used in an emergency. However, residents have mentioned their appreciation for the phone and that they feel safer while swimming because it is available. Park patrons are free to enjoy the newly renovated park with a newfound sense of security.