Dusk2Dawn Surveillance Kit

RATH® Dusk2Dawn Surveillance Kit

The “Kit” includes:
  • Wi-Fi Cellular Device
  • Transformer to accommodate light pole voltages
  • Batteries/battery charger
  • Camera
  • Mounting brackets for existing pole or building
RATH® Dusk to Dawn Icon

  • Ideal for mounting cameras to light poles that are on a timer or photocell

  • No data wires necessary, but will require a power source for at least 6 hours per day

  • Live stream available anywhere with Wi-Fi or Cellular network coverage

  • RATH’s Dusk2Dawn (D2D) Technology allows for the utilization of intermittent power that is controlled by a timer or photocell. The technology can run on battery power while the AC power is absent and recharge when power is available.
    RATH® Dusk2Dawn Technology