Emergency Phones

RATH® has an Emergency Phone for any application in any location.

Emergency Phones for Parking
Emergency Phones for Trails and Parks
Trails & Parks
Emergency Phones for Campus
Emergency Phones for Transit Locations
Emergency Phones for Industrial Locations

Our Emergency Phone options include Blue Light Phones and Call Boxes that are ideal for
parking structures, parking lots, parks and trails, public campuses, and transit locations.

Our specialty Rally Point™, Secure Access, and Safeguard™ E-Stop, Weather and Explosion Proof phones
are an asset to industrial and corporate campuses.

No matter which type of phone you choose, the public can be assured that a direct line to help is available.

Blue Light Emergency Phones
Blue Light Emergency Phones
Muster Point™ Phones
Muster Point™ Phones
Call Boxes & Specialty Phones
Call Boxes and
Specialty Phones
SafeGuard™ E-Stop Emergency Phones
E-Stop Emergency Phones
SafeGuard™ Weather Proof Phones
Weather Proof Phones