FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • 1) Why is the RATH® Security speakerphone not hanging up when the call is ended?

  • 2) What is a CPC Signal?

  • 3) What wires in the telephone cable do I connect to the phone?

  • 4) Can multiple RATH® Security phones be connected to one phone line?

  • 5) What is the RATH® Consolidator feature?

  • 6) Why does it take several seconds before the called party is able to hear me talk after they answer the call?

  • 7) Is there a timer on the phone that can be adjusted so that the phone will hang up after a specific period of time?

  • 8) Is there a command that I can use to tell the RATH® speakerphone to hang up?

  • 9) My phone does not have a keypad, what can I do to program it?

  • 10) What options can I program into the phone using Remote Programming?

Question 1 Answer:
This often occurs when the phone is connected to a Ringdown line which is not providing a proper CPC (WINC) signal to hang up the phone. We recommend the phone be connected to a standard analog line or a POTS line. If the PBX cannot provide a proper CPC signal, the RATH® phone will hang up if it detects a dial tone after the call is ended.

Question 2 Answer:
A CPC Signal, also called a WINC signal, tells an automated phone device such as a speakerphone or an answering machine to hang up. The CPC signal is generally in the form of an Open Loop Disconnect where the voltage on the line is held to 0 volts DC for approximately a half a second. The RATH® phone will also hang up if it detects dial tone after the call has ended.

Question 3 Answer:
Connect the middle two wires of the telephone cable. These are typically the red and green wires. If it is being used with our SmartRescue unit, you must connect all four wires.

Question 4 Answer:
Yes, up to 10 phones can be connected on one line. See the RATH® Consolidator.

Question 5 Answer:
The RATH® consolidator, is a built-in feature of our 2100 series phones, that allows up to 10 phones to be connected to one line and still allow an outside party to call into and control each individual phone. Unlike RATH’s competitors, our consolidator is built into the software of our phones and does not require extra, expensive hardware.

Question 6 Answer:
The message feature is likely enabled in the phone, but a message is not recorded. Or, the RATH® phone is connected to a ring down line and the phone has not been properly configured. If a message is not recorded in the phone, messaging should be turned off. If the phone is connected to a ringdown line, the phone should be programmed for ringdown operation. For both issues, see the programming instructions for your specific model.

Question 7 Answer:
Yes, the timer can be adjusted. This timer controls the total amount of time that the phone will stay active after it has been activated. Please contact RATH® technical support for specific instructions for your product.

Question 8 Answer:
Yes, pressing * then # will hang up the speakerphone.

Question 9 Answer:
You can program the phone remotely (See the programming instructions for your particular product) or you can purchase a keypad from RATH®.

Question 10 Answer:
Almost all the programming options that can be programmed through a keypad can also be programmed remotely. See the programming instructions for your particular product.