Glossary of Terms

ATA Analog Telephone Adaptor A device that allows analog telephone devices to operate on VoIP/Digital system

Consolidator This proprietary feature is built-in to all of our 2100 series phones. It allows you to install up to (10) phones on a single phone line without any additional, costly equipment. It allows multiple phones to call out and speak to emergency personnel without any intentional delay. Emergency personnel can speak to all phones on the line or speak to them individually with just a couple key strokes.

CPC Signal - (Also called a WINC signal), tells an automated phone device such as a speakerphone or an answering machine to hang up. The CPC signal is generally in the form of an Open Loop Disconnect where the voltage on the line is held to 0 volts DC for approximately a half a second. The RATH® phone will also hang up if it detects dial tone after the call has ended

Line Powered Phone A phone which runs off the power of the telephone line. RATH® offers a line of line powered phones

Location Message A message recorded into the phone which provides the called party with the location of emergency phone

PBX Private Branch Exchange A telephone system generally used in a place of business. A PBX connects all the internal phones to one location and provides a connection between internal phones and outside phone lines. Often, phones on a PBX require a digit such as 9 to be dialed in order for a phone to place a call to an outside number

POTS Line Plain Old Telephone Service A standard analog telephone line

Ringdown A telephone line which automatically rings a phone when the originating phone goes off hook. No dial tone is provided on the ringdown line. Often, ring down lines do not provide CPC signals to tell the emergency phone that the call is ended.

VoIP Voice over IP A telephone system that uses internet protocol to deliver voice service. Often, VoIP system are tightly integrated with an IT system (computer network). RATH® phones can operate on a VoIP system through the use of an ATA Device

WINC See CPC Signal