Muster Point™ Phones

Muster Points™ are a key piece to any Emergency Evacuation plan to
ensure employees have a safe place to go during an emergency where they can all be accounted for.
9 ft Muster Point™ Wired Towers
9 ft Muster Point™ Solar Towers
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  • Easily Identified: They should be well known to employees and clearly marked for easy identification during an emergency, and located a sufficient distance from buildings to ensure a safe gathering spot.
    • At 9' tall with colorful strobe, our Rally Point™ Towers will quickly provided the required visible notification.

  • Easy to Use: One press of the button or lifting of the handset and you’ll be connected to the Facility Emergency Response Coordinator.

  • Custom Options: Muster Point™ Towers
    • Handset Phones
    • Enclosed Handset Phones
    • Mass Notification Speakers
    • Custom Colors, Labels & Strobes

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  • Employees gathered at a team meeting Muster Point™
    Employees gathered at a team meeting 'Muster Point™'