Pull String Station

Smart Alert RC-ITK-617E-Pull-String or Bedside-Station
The RC-ITK-617E is a battery powered, wireless unit that can send custom notifications to the SmartAlert system, activating a preprogrammed response. Each unit includes three notification methods: a button for call, a breakaway pull cord for call, and a 1/4 inch jack for standard call cord attachments. When a notification is sent, the unit receives an acknowledgement back from the wireless network confirming receipt of the call. If the acknowledgment is not received, it will persist to ensure successful communication. An LED is lit during the event, and an optional buzzer feature sounds to indicate to the caller that their call has been successfully received. If the device is moved from one room to another, or to a hallway, the system automatically updates to indicate its new location.

    • Wireless unit using Radio Frequency (RF) technology (no cabling required)
    • Single gang surface mount back box included
    • Bi-directional RF communication to confirm notification delivery
    • Three call initiating methods included in one unit (push button, breakaway pull cord, 1/4" call cord standard attachment jack)
    • Call verification LED for visual feedback
    • Configurable buzzer verification for audible feedback (optional)
    • Small size, lightweight, and easy to mount anywhere
    • Long-lasting lithium batteries